Rumah Rehat Bukit Residen 
Pahang Club

Kompleks Pejabat Kerajaan


Trace of British colonial ruling still discernible by the Colonial buildings in the vicinity Kuala Lipis town such as Bukit Residen Rest House, Government Office complex, Clifford High School, Pahang Club and others which obviously display colonial architecture which proved that the British colonials have occupied and administer this district.

Year  British History Age – Opening of Lipis Town 1863
  • Opened by Orang Kaya Maharaja Setia Raja Haji Wan Daud bin Wan Pahang
  • Trade centre at Kuala Lipis become Lipis Town
  • Row of wooden shop – by Chinese
  • Boat-house & raft house in Sg.Jelai – owned by foreign / local trader
  • Oldest mosque built is Masjid Jamek Kuala Lipis (Masjid Lama)
  • Modern development history of Lipis Town started, the establishment of District Office started by British
  • Pahang Club was built, Thean Hou Temple
  • Kuala Lipis declared as the capital town of Pahang
  • Road construction (208km) K.Lipis – K.Lumpur with Stone Sign ‘0'
  • Hospital, Post Office, Cliford School, Gurdwara Sahib (1916), Government Complex Office, Railway Track, Resident House, Bandar Lipis Structure Building and other being developed.