Lipis District Council was set up on March 1982 outcome of the merger of several local authorities namely Kuala Lipis Municipal Council, Benta, Jerkoh, and Penjom Local Council and small towns such as Padang Tengku, Bukit Betong, Mela and Merapoh.

According to the history Kuala Lipis Municipal Council started its operation as the Board Of Health or 'Sanitary Board'  till the end of World War II. After that it shifted as the Town Board until 1959. In 1959 Election for Local Government was held to choose Council Member to administer this Local Authority until District Council was established on 1 March 1982.

Slogan for Lipis District Council is "Clean" which carry the meaning clean in administrative management, service, planning and development.

"Clean Organization, Clean Town and Environment, Clean Society"

Kedudukan Kuala Lipis Dalam Konteks Wilayah

Statistic figure for 1990 on the total population of people under Council operation was 27,275. MDL area cover all Lipis District of 5168km sq (except for forest reserve) ss like follows : 

Areas of operation : 159.10 km sq 

Monitor area : 1,777.90 km sq

MDL total area : 1,937.00 km sq

Forest reserve area : 3,206.00 km sq


Kawasan Operasi dan Kawalan,Hutan Simpan