Lipis District Council objective is:-

  • Transform Lipis District Council as an excellent organization.

  • Focusing on human capital development to form proactive and productive staff.

  • Increase effectiveness of service in delivery system.

  • Provide efficient and quality city council services.

  • Increase cleanliness, beauty and lighting.

  • Increase business opportunities and SMI.

  • Ensure controlled and organised development.  

  • Provide and improve public amenities and infrastructure.

  • Giving awareness and educate society the importance of cleanliness, practice noble value and healthy living culture.

  • Control and fight unhealthy and immoral symptom.

  • Ensure business activities abide by rules and law.

  • Control and fight unhealthy and immoral symptom.

  • Consolidate cooperation and unity between the races.

  • Enforce rules and law.

  • Increase awareness to taxpayers.

  • Emphasizing ICT usage with more effectiveness to increase productivity by accelerating business activities with customer.