Lipis Background

Lipis District Brief History

Year History
  Early History Before 1800

1470M To 1699M

  • Ruled by Pahang Royalties King Of Malacca and Johor Riau generation.
  • Minangkabau people migrated to the riverside of Hulu Pahang's river – influence the political system and culture.
  • The existence of gold is a key factor of Minang people migrated to Hulu Pahang. They were said streaming Sungai Muar and canoeing Sg Pahang.



Peta Sungai

Sungai Lipis


Sungai Jelai

Sungai Lipis


Kuala Lipis is located at the confluence of Sungai Jelai and Sungai Lipis. It was the first Pahang state capital since 1898 before transferred to Kuantan in 1955.

During reign, British have built the primary road that connected Lipis with Kuala Lumpur for 130 miles in 1890 to facilitate exporting local products by the colonials.