A Scenic VaIIey Traversed By Rippling Mountains
Kenong Rimba Park (rimba means jungle in Malay) is located at the fringe of Taman Negara on its eastern and northern boundaries. This green precinct covers a sprawling 128 square kilometres of Pahang‘s tropical rainforest.
Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of this park — weil known for being one of the best wildlife reserves in Malaysia. Take a slow boat down the river, explore the jungle trails and seek out the myriad wonders of nature.
Kenong Rimba Park is home to pockets of limestone caves, which have become the destination of spelunking enthusiasts. The crystal clear waters that flow through the park and high cascading waterfalls are exotic backdrops to a large array of flora and fauna.

Heighten your senses as you traverse the forest and see if you can identify the myriad unique species of flora. Exotic and sometimes rare genuses of orchids ding and thrive on the mammoth trunks of trees like a big brother caring for a sibling — such is the complementary nature of life in the wilds. A Spot the tallest recorded tree in the rainforest — the Tualang (Koompasia malaccensis), which often reach to a height of 150 feet or more. Another giant of the forest is the ficus tree, which often times are found tightly-wrapped around other trees.

Many of Kenong‘s caves remain undiscovered and unexplored despite the numerous expeditions launched into the area over the years. lt is such state of pristineness that makes spelunking in the area a very attractive proposition, given the fact that the interior of the caves may change from time to time due to the ravages of weather.

Legend has lt that the dug out shape of Gua Batu Tinggi was formed when a boat carrying the King‘s messenger along Kenong River from Pekan was turned into stone.

Home to a variety of exotic orchids, Gua Batu Tinggi is one of the most popular caves in Kenong Rimba Park. The boat-Iike interior is a sight to behold. Its proximity to other caves
makes a visit worth the effort.